CAN MY BELOVED FUR BABY TAKE A PHOTO WITH SANTA - Absolutely! We welcome and encourage all friendly pets to take their photo with our Santa at Lennox Reserve, Willowbank Crescent, Canley Vale. Just let us know when booking.

HOW MANY FAMILY MEMBERS CAN WE SQUEEZE IN WITH SANTA - Parents, grandparents, cousins, friends and family can all be a part of the session, however we request we have 5 members per session. If you have 6 or more members joining in, please book an additional appointment next to each other, so there's no rushing and you can mix and max shots between families / friends etc.

CAN WE DRESS UP - For sure! And we're happy to work with props too! As long as it's PG rated, feel free to wear anything and get Santa involved too! Festive sweaters, Cosplay, footy colours - you name it! Just let us know and we will definitely consider your wonderful ideas!

CAN WE JUST TURN UP ON THE DAY WITHOUT BOOKING - Unfortunately, due to the location of our Santa Photography for 2019, we are only accepting online bookings.

WHAT PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE - We have only one Santa packages available for purchase. 

SANTA'S ENCHANTED FOREST PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION ONLY: 10 minute session includes up to 5 x high resolution, professionally edited digital files for you to print as many times as you wish! You also have the opportunity to purchase any additional images if they're available to you at $20 each.
You will also receive duplicate web-ready files perfect for sharing online only which will be uploaded to our Facebook page for easy sharing and tagging. 

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES & WEB-READY IMAGE FILES - High resolution images are larger files that are absolutely perfect for printing and will not have any logos or watermarks.

Web-ready files are much smaller files that can be uploaded very fast, look great online and may have a small watermark. If you were to print a web-ready file, the image will not be high quality - don't say we didn't warn you...

DO YOU PROVIDE PRINTS - As we do not have access to electricity, we are unable to print at this location.

I'VE BOOKED, NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO - As the saying goes, 'What would Santa do?'. In this situation I'm sure he'd definitely first say "Ho Ho Ho! Congratulations and thank you for booking your session with Azuelo Designs for your 2019 Photography Session! On to the Good List you go and no coal for you this Christmas!" - You totally just read that in your mind in a Santa voice didn't you? Ahem. Anywhooo...

Secondly, you will receive an email shortly confirming your booking details.  If you haven't received one within a few hours, please check your junk mail or send us a private Facebook message HERE or email us HERE and we'll get that sorted.  You may also receive a reminder email 24 hours before your session.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your session.

DO I NEED TO BRING ANYTHING TO THE SESSION - Please bring your beautiful smiles! If you have children who would feel more comfortable with their favourite toy or book, please do bring it along as we want to mak your Santa photography session as comfortable and personalised as possible.

DO I NEED TO BRING ANYTHING FOR MY FUR BABY'S SESSION - Your pet must be on a leash at all times even during the photography session. If you have their favourite toy or treat, please do bring them along to assist the session run smoothly.

WHAT IF THE WEATHER DECIDES TO NOT BE SO JOLLY - In case of wet or super hot weather, we may be inclined to reschedule bookings for that day. We will simply contact you as soon as we can to inform you that the weather is not so great for photographing and we will organise another day and time that suits you. Also, Like our Facebook page to keep up to date.  So, if you don't hear from us, it's on like donkey kong.

OMG! LIKE, WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR - Clothes would be a good start.  If you're not dressing up in a particular theme, anything that you like that shows your personality.  Only suggestion is to steer away from shirts and dresses with large branding, logos or images, to keep your images timeless.


SO SORRY, BUT WE CAN'T MAKE IT TO OUR BOOKED SESSION - Oh no!  We understand things happen in life we can't control.  If it's more than 24 hours away from your original booking, you can simply return to your booking confirmation email and click on the 'Reschedule Appointment' link if you would like to change the date and time of your booking.

If you definitely need to cancel your booking, please send us a private Facebook message HERE or email us HERE. If the booking is at least 24 hours from your booking, we will refund your payment, less $10 admin fee. If you cancel within 24 hours of your Santa booking, no refund will be provided.


WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY IMAGES - As all images are meticulously professionally edited and many other events happen in between, you will receive your images within two weeks from your booking date.

HOW WILL I RECEIVE MY IMAGES - You will be able to view your images on an online private gallery.  A link will be sent to your email when your images are ready, so please ensure you type in the correct address when booking.

IS THERE A COPYRIGHT ON MY SANTA SESSION IMAGES - While Azuelo Designs does own the copyright to your images, you can print the high resolution files as many times as you like, share the duplicate web-ready files online to as many people as you like (or keep them private too!) and you are more than welcome to share your online gallery link to anyone, and they can also download your images.  However, when you book with us, you provide us the permission to use your images for promotional use, whether it be for print or online media.

If you do not wish for us to use your images in this manner, please provide a written letter informing us of your decision to

HOW LONG CAN I VIEW MY IMAGES ON MY ONLINE PRIVATE GALLERY - Your online private gallery will be live until 1st March 2020.  After this date, it will no longer be accessible and your images will be permanently removed and unretrievable. This however, should give you plenty of time to purchase and download any additional images.

NONE OF THESE FAQ'S HAVE HELPED. AT ALL. - We're only human so I'm sure there's bound to be something we've missed!  In that case, simply send us a private Facebook message HERE or email us HERE and we will be jolly as Santa to answer any questions you may have.