'Azuelo' pronounced AHZ-well-oh, is my middle name passed down from my Grandmother, to Mum and now to my daughter.

Azuelo is all about family, so it was perfect for our photography name, and we're quite proud of it just quietly.


10 years in the photography game, I love family and children photography and specialise in private family events such as Christenings, birthdays, Hen's nights and corporate events.

My speciality however, is outdoor Santa photography which is quite popular and gets booked out fairly quickly!


My main photography style uses natural light, therefore our sessions are predominantly shot outdoors at a local park or home.

I understand that children (and adults young-at-heart), prefer to run around in open spaces or feel relaxed in the privacy of their own homes rather than a studio type setting and I feel the same way.

I absolutely love to run along with our lovely mini clients and don't mind getting our clothes dirty at all, to capture life's unexpected moments.


Although located in Western Sydney, Parramatta area,  I am more than prepared to leave the humble abode and explore any project in Sydney and even as far as the Central Coast!

As you will notice when you contact us, a number is not provided.  Do not fret! My fingers will respond faster than my spoken words. If we did give you the number, you'll more than likely end up talking to a four year old who is more interested in finding out your favourite ice cream flavour and selling it to you for "one million dollars". She's pretty convincing too....